Doesn’t matter where you are Eagletech Team can help!

Is your computer running slow or having various issues? Can you access the internet on it?

If so, remote support from Eagletech Computers could get you back up and running fast.
Established in 1993, specializing in high-quality, custom-designed personal and small business computers. We pride ourselves on using only top-grade components assuring the highest overall quality in our systems. We carry an extensive line of computer and home/office accessories. Eagletech also performs professional repairs on all PCs and MACs. It’s Service, After the Sale, that Counts Oldest Computer Store in Rockland County

Experience is what helps us solve all of your problems!

You design it, we’ll build It!

Can’t find what you are looking for? Design your own type of system to meet your requirements. Give us a call and we will help you make the right choice and then we’ll build and test it for you.
We are just a phone call away!

Finding a specialised IT team of experts can be difficult, particularly on a budget. That’s why we have established ourselves as the professional team to provide small business computer support that matches your IT needs as well as your company goals. We can help you with acquiring third-party hardware and software, building an on-site IT team and installing different software and hardware. We offer an all-round IT support for businesses.
Our affordable business support can accommodate any budget for your budding business. Don’t let IT problems prevent your business from growing as fast as it should – let our experts help you at very attractive rates.

We provide solutions for small and medium businesses!

Find your new device!!

Eagletech Computers offers a full range of computer hardware for assembling gaming computers, office machines, computers for programmers and designers, or just a computer for relaxation and entertainment. We offer a wide variety of gaming peripherals, monitors and accessories for every taste and style. Our many years of experience and skills in the field of information technology gives us the confidence that we know what it takes for the user to do his job on a fast and reliable computer.

With the right network services, your business can be more successful and less stressed. We offer reliable connections that will save you time while increasing productivity for both employees as well as clients who need access to information at all times of day or night!

A professional output would read: “With a strong Networking setup within an organization’s facilities (whether it be home office), there are many benefits including increased profitability due directly from increased efficiency in production & distribution; reduced costs associated with travel expenses between sites simply because they don’t have separate networks/networks per location anymore – everything flows through one point where policies about usage etc., may apply equally

We provide solutions for small and medium businesses!

What Clients Say?

James Dunphy
James Dunphy
My son bought a new gaming PC with over a dozen parts and Eagle tech assembled the new computer within days . They also came personally to my home to make sure all operations were insured . Cliff and his team are fabulous I highly recommend checking them out Regards James
Donna Rodriguez
Donna Rodriguez
I live in Suffern and Eagetech came from Pearl River to set up my new Lap top. Cliff is personable and well informed He is a great teacher.his and his explanations were thorough and easy to follow.
Miriam Johnson
Miriam Johnson
Cliff really cares about his customers. He is very knowledgeable and does everything he can to respond quickly to any questions or resolve a problem. Elaine is also very experienced and capable of solving tech issues
Frank C
Frank C
What stands out so clearly is that when you make an initial contact, you can be certain that whoever you deal with will answer your questions...unless they are not sure. However, then they tell you they will find out and they do follow through in a timely fashion with an answer. Further, not only are any questions answered upon initial contact, but just as well are other questions fully answered upon pick-up and even thereafter. In short, Elayne, Kristi, and Cliff are POSTER CHILDREN FOR FRIENDLY, DEPENDABLE, PROFESSIONALISM!
Marygrace Alicea
Marygrace Alicea
Cliff and Elayne are the absolute BEST!! They go above and beyond to solve your technical issues! I would not go anywhere else from my computer needs! They exhibit patients along with professionalism and their customer service is bar none! I highly recommend Eagle Tech!!!

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